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GPL Rant

The GPL/LGPL do not have a clause like MPL and others to notify the original author about certain usages of the library - that's a pity since I do not get to know many of the areas where zziplib has come to be used. I can only ask you to send me an e-mail, so I can put a link from here to your project. Within thousands of downloads less than a handful of people wrote to me - mostly for having found a bug or having a feature request. Be nice, and write even if you have had successfully implanted zziplib in your project... I love to hear that ;-)

opensource games

Although the library has not been written focusing on game data, it has it greatest success just there. The SDL-rwops example did further it by great amounts, people just like it to have the thousand of small bitmaps to be assembled into one big dat file, and put the AI scripts just next to them.

opensource apps/libs

Here the most important feature has been the smalls size of this library and the possible to use its autoconf script and even for those who don't, it is easy to make a custom configuration. The source code is easy to understand and therefore to customize for the needs of the app/lib that wants to use the functionality.

commercial usage

For commercial usage, you can bind many small files into a zip file for easier handling. Obfuscation and io-wrapping help greatly to implant it in areas even far from posix-io grounds. 15. July 2002